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'Nduja (pronounced en DOO ya) is a wonderful, not too spicy spreadable sausage mix that originally comes from Calabria in Southern Italy. It is similar to sobrassada from the Balearic Islands in Spain, and is loosely based on the French andouille (not to be confused with Cajun andouille which is a completely different creature).  

It was introduced to Italy in the 13th century by the Angevins, and is Calabria's contribution to the many types of Italian salumi.  It originates from the area around the small Calabrian town of Spilinga.

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Farmstead Olive Oil Pre-Sell

 Olive Oil Pre-sell 
February 2021 


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Frantoio Franci Villa Magri, 2020  500 ml $32.99   harvest date: November 11, 2020

Our next offering is Frantoio Franci Villa Magra 2020, an Italian EVOO made from a blend of 50% Frantoio, 35% Moraiolo, 15% Leccino olive varieties.

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